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Full text of "The Courts Of Europe V-Ii"

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COURTS   OF   PARIS,   NAPLES,   ETC*                   87

an epilogue written by himself, pointed and smart,
alluding to the actors. A natural son of Lord
Tyrconnel's danced and sang, and so did some
children of Mrs. Abbs.

After this came a strange farce, written by
Williams and Spearman. You may judge, now I
have told you the authors, that it could not be
anything very wonderful, but really it was beyond
anything I ever saw or heard of; such a farrago
of officers, nuns, lovers, conjurers; ancient and
modern times and manners all jumbled together
hodge-podge, with a prologue by Charles Williams,
and many bacchanalian songs, for which, indeed,
the farce was intended as a vehicle.

The theatre was erected in the hall, with
elegance, warmth and comfort. The scenery was
well painted, and the dresses were good. We
afterwards adjourned to the saloon, where above
a hundred guests sat down to a magnificent
supper, with abundance of various wines. There
were some clever songs, and then dancing and
card-parties till the morning.

Lord Delaval is social and agreeable. I have
heard that Seaton Delaval was famous, when he
was Sir Francis, for the tricks he played upon his
visitors. One gentleman was kept in his bed
three whole days by making him believe it was